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About Our P&C

Our mission

Harbord Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) is one of the largest School P&C's in NSW. We are a $2m not-for-profit which is managed by volunteer parents, for the interests of the school community.

The vast majority of our committee are working parents juggling careers and family, who feel passionate about the wellbeing of our community and generate our time to this end.

General membership of the P&C is open to all parents/carers of pupils attending Harbord Public School and to all interested citizens.

We warmly welcome you to become a member, please click here to find out more.

Our Activities include:

  1. Managing OOSH (before and after school care)
  2. Managing the Canteen
  3. Managing the Uniform Shop
  4. Fun and Fundraising activities
  5. Grounds maintenance and working bees
  6. Providing funding to support the school, such as getting IT equipment into classrooms, additional books for the library, provision of shade structures & play equipment in the school grounds, Environmental initiatives and paying for air conditioning to name a few.
  7. Social and Community Events
  8. Advocacy 

Your P&C is successful because of the commitment of generous volunteers and our wonderful paid staff.

It's absolutely imperative that new parents join the P&C and take on volunteer leadership roles, in order for the P&C to function - OOSH to remain a NFP keeping fees low, likewise for the canteen and uniform shop.

We are effective, professional and passionate about the work we do. There are many opportunities available that will suit your schedule, skills and ability to commit. We are very open to suggestions and can do more with your help.

Feel free to contact us using the form or email a member of the Executive Committee team.

Please go to our Membership page to find out more about joining as a general member to stay up to date on news and meetings.

P&C exec with Mrs T Mother's Day Event 2024