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Fundraising and Events


All events can be attended by any year if tickets are bought, except Kindy BBQ (only open to Kindy).  The year listed below is required to form the organising committee for the event & take ownership of it with support from P&C committee & staff. If volunteer support is not evident, the event will be cancelled.
  • Year 1 - Kindy BBQ - POSTPONED volunteers needed to reschedule
  • Year 2 - Parent Party - Manly Spirits, Brookvale - Sat 18 May (T2)
  • Year 3 - Kids Disco - Wed 23 October (T4) 
  • Year 4 - Comedy Trivia Night (parents & staff) - Sat 14 September (T3)
  • Year 5 - Kids colour run -  Wed 5 June (T2) during school hours
  • Year 6 - Year 6 farewell party - Mon 16 December (T4)

Other core events;

  • Harbord Holiday 16-18 February 2024
  • P&C Parent Info night - Tue 27 February 2024
  • Term 1 working bee - Sat 6 April 1-4pm
  • Mothers day event Tue 7 May
  • Fathers Day event Thur 29 Aug 

 More information and a list of Bake Sales this year is on the Bake Sale page.


One of the fundamental purposes of the Harbord Public School P&C is  Fundraising. In the past we have raised Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to give back to the school in the form of new playground equipment, the new impressive Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) behind OOSH, new garden spaces, many environmental initiatives, solar panels, air conditioning, bike racks... the list goes on!  From time to time we also raise money for charity causes. And we also pay for treats like welcome gifts for Kindy, welcome barbecues, treats, decorations or entertainment for special occasions and thank yous for staff at Christmas, for example. The P&C also support members of our community who need it.  Once costs are covered, absolutely all the money raised goes back to our community in one way or another.

Fundraising initiatives that have been done in the past include:

  • Cake/Bake Stalls
  • Mothers/Fathers Day stalls
  • Trivia Nights
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Colour Run
  • Spring Fair
  • N.U.T.S. *Night Under The Stars* 
  • Other ticketed parent social gatherings
  • Auctions
  • Raffles
  • Sponsorship activities

If you have any suggestions for future events or activations that you would like to run, or would like to assist in volunteering in those already planned, we would appreciate all help.

To make contact, please either email or alternatively complete the contact form below.

The Harbord P&C Facebook Page where you can see photos of past events held if you use the search function.