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Harbord Father's Day Breakfasts

Tickets for Monday have closed for catering orders and Friday's event has Sold Out reaching the maximum capacity our volunteer parents can cater for.

Raffle tickets are still available for sale through the ticketing site.

Go to our social media & find the pinned TICKET SWAP post to grab a spare off anyone who can no longer attend.
FB: HarbordPublic
IG: HarbordPandC

We really are sorry if you missed out - remember to save the date for our future events! These have been planned for several weeks - be sure to read the newsletter and follow us on socials for the latest P&C news :)



Harbord P&C and the School executive warmly welcome our fantastic Harbord Dads to join us for a Mother's Day event. Any carer who would like to attend this Father's Day celebration with their child is welcome, however due to limited catering numbers we ask that only one adult attends where possible.

We hope lots of Dads will be able to join us for a fun breakie and some quality time before school and work, during the week before Father's Day. 

There is a lucky door raffle ticket with every paid Dad catering ticket, extra tickets are on sale for just $2 each if you'd like to increase your chances of winning. Buy them on the ticketing site inside either event date (it's one raffle).

There are two events to choose from (please only attend one):

  1. Monday 28 August from 7:30am
  2. Friday 1 September from 7:30am

Extra raffle tickets can be bought in either event ticket area.

    Mums! Please volunteer to cook, serve or scan tickets HERE 

      Tickets $13

      Dad + 1 Harbord student ticket

      - 1 x Adult barista made coffee or English Breakfast tea 
      - 1 x Adult bacon and/or egg roll/sandwich
      - 1 x Child bacon and/or egg roll/sandwich
      - 1 x Emma & Toms juice (apple or orange) 
      - 1 x raffle ticket

      Additional child ticket: $5
      - 1 x Child bacon and/or egg roll/sandwich
      - 1 x Emma & Tom's juice bottle (apple or orange)  


      Please note:

      • Electronic Tickets will be issued by the TryBooking platform and scanned by volunteers at the gate on entry. Please load your ticket onto your digital wallet to make this process fast.
      • Please note that a service fee will be added by the platform upon checkout.
      • Please consider buying additional raffle tickets from the raffle ticket section, these are listed as a ticket under each event date
      • Tickets for the events are available for one adult per family and one Harbord Student, plus additional child tickets for families with more than one child at our school.
      • You can buy the adult ticket for whoever should best attend a Father's Day event for your family - Dad, Grandad, Uncle etc
      • Tickets are of limited availability due to catering for the large numbers at our school, in consideration of others, please do not buy extra adult tickets which may stop another child from bringing their Dad.





      Every paid Dad catering ticket will receive a lucky door raffle entry, extra tickets are on sale for just $2 each, within either event date in the online booking system. Thank you to our amazing local sponsors for their very kind donations to our Harbord Dads.



      Best wishes 

      Harbord P&C Team