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Meetings in 2022 will be held every 4th Tuesday of the month (previously Wednesdays in 2021).  Please ensure you are a 50c member of the P&C and on our mailing list to receive meeting updates, zoom invites and the opportunity to vote. Members will also receive any relevant follow up information from each meeting.

P&C Meeting dates 


    • Tuesday 22 February 2022 7.30pm
    • Tuesday 22 March 2022 7.30pm 
    • April - cancelled due to school holidays -
    • Tuesday 24 May 2022 7.30pm - Annual General Meeting & Monthly meeting (please allow extra time) 
    • Tuesday 28 June 2002 7.30pm
    • Tuesday 26 July 2022 7.30pm
    • Tuesday 23 August 2022 7.30pm
    • September - cancelled due to school holidays -
    • Tuesday 25 October 2022 7.30pm
    • Tuesday 22 November 2002 7.30pm 

    Whilst we discuss and vote on important matters for the School community, our meetings are friendly as well as informative. They may also come with the offer of a cool drink, when at school - although this is not guaranteed :)  Please feel free to join us, we look forward to seeing you there.

    Spring Fair Planning

    Meetings will be updated here as appropriate;