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Did you know?

The Harbord P&C is a not for profit business which turns over more than $2.5m per year.

In only the last few years, the P&C has donated almost half a million dollars back into the school

Harbord P&C interesting facts;

  • The P&C represents the voice of Parents back to the school and visa versa
  • The P&C runs the Canteen, OOSH and the Uniform Shop
  • The P&C has a sustainability team, a grounds committee and a fundraising team – all staffed by volunteer parents
  • In only the last few years, the P&C has donated almost half a million dollars back into the school for initiatives we care about, such as;
    1. The new Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA)
    2. Kindy playground equipment replacement
    3. Managed negotiations with the council for changes to road/pedestrian safety around the school
    4. Funding of much needed air-con units (Work in progress)
    5. Classroom furniture upgrades
    6. School grounds renovations 
    7. Facilitated bike policy review by the school
    8. Audit of solar panels and assessment of educational opportunities through our renewable energy
    9. Implementing sustainability measures to encourage students to bring less waste to school, reduce plastics, landfill and improve recycling facilities. 

Who runs the P&C?

Whilst the P&C has a number of fantastic paid staff who work for OOSH, the Canteen and the Uniform Shop, a small group of Volunteer parents actually manage the overall running of the P&C business.

The work is extremely rewarding for those who are passionate about working with the School leadership team, for the betterment of our children.

In a school with over 1,000 children, surprisingly less than 5%* of families are official members of the P&C – with the opportunity to vote on issues, readily receiving communication and attending meetings. We would love that number to increase!

Currently, less than 5% of the school, officially support the P&C as a member.

We know our wonderful Harbord families care and support the school greatly – as witnessed by the overwhelming turnout to recent cake sales, the Mother's Day stall and our Sustainability working bee. An absolutely fantastic response!

And so, we are actively sharing the word;

We warmly invite families to be an active member of our school community, by officially joining the P&C.

Each year children graduate from the school, with them we also lose P&C members and Executive Committee members, along with all their knowledge and experience.

It’s imperative that new parents join us, to pitch in, to voice opinions, to represent the new cohort of classes and to find future parents who will pick up the mantle of roles within the Executive Committee, such as President, Vice President, Treasurer etc.

We also sometimes just need helpful hands and good ideas!

Your time is precious and none of us are idle! The more help we have, the less the burden on others. Plus, we're a friendly bunch...

Will you jump in and join us?

Ready to pay your 50 cent annual fee, to be eligible to vote? Sign up here

Information on our monthly meetings here.


*numbers rounded up and correct at the time of writing, May 2021 ** percentage based on 800 families having one P&C member (there are more than 1,000 children at the school including siblings).


 Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller