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Your P&C needs you

Working with our P&C

All jobs listed here are unpaid, volunteer roles run in accordance with the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of Australia, NSW ( Most volunteers have busy lives and paid careers, in addition to family life. We like to work together as a team, to support each other to ensure nobody feels overwhelmed and yet, all our important work to run the P&C business is still getting done in an efficient and professional way. The more hands we have in designated roles or just occasional helpers, the easier it is for everyone.
Although the work we do is important and can be very busy for the Exec Team, it is extremely rewarding. There's also the awesome banter and camaraderie in working together for a common cause.
A sense of humour, friendly, positive and warm attitude are essential requirements to all roles :)
Apart we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller

Current Vacancies

  • Fundraising Chair
  • Fundraising Team - actively recruiting for Mothers Day Stall Helpers!
  • Ad hoc Helpers
  • Second Hand Uniform Shop Volunteers - Term 2 volunteer roster
  • OOSH committee members - parents to join the OOSH committee that assists with the management of our amazing OOSH
Fundraising Chair
Fundraising is a fundamental part of the P&C's reason for being and so this role is a really important part of our team. BUT you are not alone! You will have helpers and heaps of additional support during any larger activations (like Spring Fair), including people who have run it before. The Vice President leads fundraising and sponsorship activity on behalf of the President, so you would work closely with VP to workshop ideas, divide & conquer where needed and ensure everything is achievable and manageable around everyone's other commitments.
This really is a fun role for someone who loves this area!
Examples of previous fundraising activities - we do want to try new ones and not  everything happens every year!;
- Mothers/Fathers Day Stalls - ordering merch and the actual stall onsite
- Cake sales or similar - oldie but still a goodie
- External Charity fundraising eg the Camp Quality ride
- Spring Fair (2023) - an incredible opportunity for experience in event organisation if you're looking for some to re-energise your career
- Auctions - working with sponsors to get prizes and coordinating the auction site
- Raffles - setting up online raffles or at-event live raffles
- Organising events - we really hope to get back into socialising again! If you like organising & hosting please reach out!
- Many Other things that could be done to service our community and raise money for the school or charity activations 
- Co-ordinating a small team of helpers (below) 
- reporting at each monthly P&C meeting or handing over your report to Vice President or team member if you're unable to attend.
If you're interested in Marketing/Events or perhaps you've had some time out of the workforce and would like to get some recent experience, this would be an absolutely golden opportunity! You will be fully supported as much as you need.
Fundraising Team
Many Hands make light work and so we want to have a small team of enthusiastic volunteers who are really passionate and interested in events and activity organisation. The above job description really describes what you would be a part of. It's handy if you do have some flexibility in your day time work, so you can come onsite to help run stalls etc but we can work around your availability.


Ad Hoc Helping Hands - no commitment!

There are a lot of things that crop up last minute, other times we have working bees or stalls that need helpers. It's really handy for us to know of people who are already pre-disposed to helping, if you're available. Please reach out if you're interested  
To find out more or have a chat about the designated roles above, please reach out to our president, Louise or talk one of the other committee members for an inside scoop, we are always happy to chat!