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Harbord Public School Canteen

Canteen Ladies

HPS canteen is a non- profit volunteer service to the school community managed by Jan Baldwin. It provides recess and lunch orders for students and is open for over the counter service at both breaks. Food served is in accordance with the Dept of Education Healthy Food Strategy. Hours of operation are 8.30-2.30 daily. All meals are cooked fresh on the premises using fresh ingredients. The canteen is NUT free and provides vegetarian & gluten-free options.

How to place your child's lunch order:

Our school uses Flexischools (the school online ordering system). You can sign up by visiting  and following the prompts. Your willingness to adopt this form of ordering is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Benefits to you are:

  1. You can pre order at a time convenient to you
  2. Once you create a standard order it can be set to order weekly, automatically
  3. You no longer need to worry about providing bags and the correct change
  4. You will not be able to order items which are out of stock or unavailable

How your child receives their order:

Close to the break orders are placed in your child's class canteen tub. 2 students from each class will collect their class tub from the canteen for distribution back in the class under their teacher's supervision. Kindergarten class tubs are delivered to the classroom.

Over the counter service recess & lunch:

Some items are available only over the counter at recess and lunch (frozen & specials). These specials are dependent on the amount of volunteers available for preparation. All items are priced between 50c-$2.50. This provides your child the opportunity to use small amounts of money in a safe environment.

Emergency lunches:

These are provided to children who arrive at school without any lunch. They need to be authorised by your child's teacher. Your child will be given the choice of a vegemite, ham or cheese sandwich and a piece of fruit. A note will be sent home with your child to notify you and advise of payment due.


Most volunteers volunteer for 1 day per month (eg. 3rd Tues of each Month).

If you are able to assist please contact Jan on 9939 1651 or 0400 816 650.

If you are unable to do a full day per month you may like to consider helping for 1-2 hours preparing the daily specials.