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Let them eat cake!

Bake Sales are great for the entrepreneurial children who are eager to get behind a good cause, not to mention their cake-loving customers. The P&C support this activity by assisting parents and their children to run cake stalls. 

In 2024 there will be a cake stall for some year groups every few weeks, across the school year and money will be raised for P&C school causes.

We have two amazing Mums who are in charge of assisting each year group parents to run their stall - Kiri "Head of Cakes" Learmonth (!) and the amazing Sarah Lefeber, be sure to show them some love.

Each year must have parent volunteers to run the stall on the day, including clean up afterwards.  The stall will not run without adequate parent support from outside the P&C committee but we will support each parent team to run their own.

Cake stalls start at 3.05pm and run to 3.30pm.

2024 Cake stall schedule

 Year Date Raising money for
Year 5 21 March P&C fundraising (aircon & grounds upgrade)
Year 6 23 May Year 6 farewell party funds
Kindy 8 or 15th tbc August 2024 Kindy library bags fund
Year 2 7 November
P&C fundraising (aircon & grounds upgrade)