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Competition Terms & Conditions

We are not currently running a generic competition or raffle, the below is a general template which would be completed and available when we do.

For event information or competition information please navigate to the events menu.

Harbord Competition - Full Terms and Conditions

  1. Participation in the competition is subject to the following terms and conditions and includes all information we provide on how to enter and the prize available. By submitting entry into the Competition, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Only entries that comply with these terms and conditions will be considered valid and eligible to win.


  1. Promoter – Harbord Public School Parents and Citizens Association ABN: 57 764 616 203, 91 Oliver Street, Freshwater.
  2. Competition Period – the competition starts from DATE  and ends 11pm DATE (the competition period).
  3. Eligible Entrants – you are eligible to enter the competition if you are;
    1. A current student of Harbord Public School and their immediate families, on their behalf
    2. The Eligible Entrant is a child who attends Harbord Public School K-6 2024
    3. Children starting Kindergarten in 2025 (& their families on their behalf) are also eligible to enter. 
    4. Eligible Entrants are 18 years or over, entering on behalf of a current student of Harbord Public  School (as above); or
    5. Are a minor and a student of Harbord Public School (as above) with the consent of a parent or guardian to enter; and
    6. Are not an Ineligible entrant
    7. Eligible Entrants can enter [ xxx] as many times as you want (but not the same one more than once)
    8. Parents and carers can enter on behalf of the student or in collaboration with their child.
    9. Entries may be substantiated & verified, where possible, before winning
  4. Ineligible Entrants  
    1. anyone who is not in the current Harbord Public School community as described in section 4
    2. any immediate family member of the Harbord School P&C (the promoter) judging committee (other P&C members can enter)
  5. How to enter 
    1. [perform one small act of kindness of your choice] during the competition period; or
    2. nominate another Eligible Entrant’s [act of kindness] during the competition period
    3. Eligible Entrants can enter a different [act of kindness] as many times as you want (but not the same one more than once)
    4. Parents and carers can enter on behalf of the student and [perform an act of kindness] in collaboration with their child.
    5. [In 100 words or less, describe that act of kindness and submit your entry by];
      1. direct message the Harbord P&C Facebook page; or
      2. comment on the Facebook announcement post; or
      3. if you do not have a Facebook account email entries to 
      4. pictures or photographs will be accepted and help with judging but are not essential 
      5. Please include the name of the Harbord school student and their class, as applicable.
  6. Judging  – 
    1. This is a game of skill and will be judged
    2. Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
    3. The President and 2 x Vice Presidents of the HPS P&C (The Promoter) will judge [the most inspiring, innovative or significant act of kindness], based on the competition entry, to win the prize. 
    4. Judging will take place at the end of the competition period until the day of the winner’s announcement (section 9 below)
  7. Prize(s) – The Prize is that the winning student’s name will be published on the HPS sign on the corner of the Oliver Street campus. 
    1. The prize cannot ordinarily be bought, except for fundraising auctions where it historically raises between $20 and $100 approximately 
    2. The prize cannot be swapped, transferred or exchanged for cash and must be used when The School Executive can confirm a suitable date. Please note that this will be as soon as possible but the exact date will be conditional on availability. 
  8. Winner Notification and Publication – 
    1. Winner will be announced on the HPS P&C Facebook page on [xxxx 202x by xxpm] and on the P&C WhatsApp announcements channel.
    2. Winner will be contacted via the method they entered e.g. Facebook messenger
    3. Winners will be published in a post on the HPS P&C Facebook page
    4. Other media may be used and is at the discretion of the Promoter, for example Manly Observer, P&C Federation or Dept of Ed social  channels (see clause 12 & 13)
  9. Unclaimed Prizes – 
    1. The winner's name may still be published on the school sign and announced as the winner, even if the winner does not respond to attempts to notify them of winning.
    2. As such all entries will be regarded as an agreement to the entrant’s name being published as the winner. 
    3. However, if the winner is not able to be notified within 2 days of winning, the Promoter reserves the right to default to the runner up as the winner if deemed necessary.
  10. Privacy – 
    1. Entrants are not required to provide any personal information except for those in their submission and mode of entry described in 6c above (name, class, entry description and Facebook account name or email address)
    2. Entrant’s personal details will not be used for any purpose other than communication regarding the competition, unless requested by the entrant e.g. signing up to P&C membership or communications, following the Facebook page.
    3. The Promoter does not share any member or Competition entrant’s information with any third party at any time, unless with express prior consent of that person.
  11. Intellectual Property – 
    1. By entering the competition, Eligible entrants confirm they have not breached any third party intellectual property rights; and 
    2. sign over the rights to their entry story to the Promoter if required; and
    3. give permission to use the content of entries for promotional purposes on the P&C Facebook page or other media, without remuneration or compensation.
  12. Social Media and Publicity – 
    1. Eligible Entrants consent to the promoter using their first name, likeness, image, entry details and/or voice if they are a winner in any media for an unlimited period of time without remuneration or compensation, for the purpose of promoting the work done by the Promoter, if needed.
    2. The [xxxx] competition will be conducted on Facebook, details may be used in other School or P&C communication, for example the Doolooborah newsletter or websites. They may also be shared on social media in future.
    3. If other local or national media are interested in the competition, details of the competition, and winner’s entry may be shared with them. Personal details will not be shared beyond anything publicly available on the Promoter’s Facebook Page, without consent.
    4. Confirmation of consent will be sought from the entrant if any detailed personal information is used, however entry to the competition does constitute consent for general promotion.
    5. By entering the competition on Facebook or Instagram all entrants agree;
      1. To comply with Facebook or Instagram (Meta)’s terms of use, privacy policy and legal policy; and
      2. Meta’s current legal policy requires page administrators to be legally responsible for all content on that page and as such admin may need to delete any post which may be deemed inappropriate. Any such posts or entries will be lost and no responsibility will be taken in the event of this incident; and
      3. To release Meta from all claims based on, related to or arising from the competition; and
      4. Acknowledge and agree that this competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered or affiliated with Meta.
  13. General Conditions – 
    1. The promoter accepts no responsibility for lost or spoiled entries
    2. The competition and it’s prize is approved by the Harbord Public School Executive but is not run by the school and will not be judged by the school. 
    3. The competition is the sole responsibility of the Promoter and the volunteer parents who run the HPS P&C (The Promoter), specifically The President and Vice Presidents.
    4. Should an Eligible Entrant’s details change or Facebook account be deleted since entry and before competition close, or entrants submit contact details incorrectly, the Promoter takes no responsibility for finding the entrant.
    5. The promoter reserves the right to verify the entrant’s entry details in the event they may be a finalist. Verification is at the discretion of the promoter and the judge’s decision is final.
    6. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any individual who is involved in any way in interfering or tampering with the conduct of this competition.


All the above Terms and Conditions have been written in good faith by volunteers of the Promoter (Harbord Public School P&C). If you have any questions or concerns about this competition or the above Terms and Conditions please seek clarification from the Promoter BEFORE entering or seeking further advice.  Be Kind!